Clojure Katas

This project contains a set of problems to help you get your hands dirty with Clojure. I hope we can add more problems and treat this as an ongoing project.

Get started

The project is set up so that you can solve problems one by one. All the problem skeletons are set up here, which is the place you can put your solutions.

Set up your environment

We need Java and Clojure to be configured on your machine. If you are a Windows user, please visit this page on how to install Java. If you are a Mac OS user, please make sure that your XCode is updated to include updated Java.

Java version needs to be 1.5 or up; Clojure version needs to be 1.5 or up.

Clojure Katas also relies on Leiningen, a Clojure dependency management tool. After you installed Java and Clojure, you can follow their install instruction to install Leiningen.

Run Clojure Katas

To verify your answer, you can run:

$ lein katas-run

We also implemented solution manual, to run katas with their solutions;

$ lein katas-answers

Look for contributors

We want to keep this project ongoing, if you are interested in helping out, feel free to:

  1. Open an issue (I will try to be as responsive as possible! :-)).
  2. Submit a Pull Request (bugfix, or submit a new problem!)

If you have any questions, feel free to messaage me on Github or Twitter: @marshallshen

Many thanks to the contributors, you made this project awesome!

Example: solve a kata

Say arranged-prob is not implemented under /src/clojure_katas/sine_angle.clj:

$ lein katas-run
Performing task 'run' with profile(s): 'test'
Current kata to tackle:  clojure-katas.sine-angle/sine

After arranged-prob is implemented, it moves to the next problem:

Performing task 'run' with profile(s): 'test'

Testing clojure-katas.sine-angle-test

Ran 1 tests containing 2 assertions.
0 failures, 0 errors.
Current kata to tackle:  clojure-katas.arranged-prob/prob

Example: create a new kata

Create /src-answers/clojure-katas/arranged_prob.clj for solution.

(defn prob
  "p: total population,
   m: total number of sub-category,
   n: number of consecutive draws"
  [p, m, n]
  (if (>= 0 n) 1
    (* (double (/ m p)) (prob (- p 1) (- m 1) (- n 1)))))

Create /src/clojure-katas/arranged_prob.clj for problem challenge.

When using core/defproblem, you are required to put comments to describe the problem.

(ns clojure-katas.arranged-prob
  (:require [clojure-katas.core :as core]))

(core/defproblem prob
 "required documentation goes here"
  [p, m, n])

Creates test under /test/clojure-katas/arranged_prob_test.clj

(deftest arranged-prob-test
  (testing "conditional probability"
    (is (= (float 0.12311558) (float (prob 200 100 3))))))

Add clojure-katas.arranged-prob-test inside the problemsets defined in test_runner

(def problems

Run through solution to make sure it works:

$ lein katas-answers

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